Johnson-linked PAC releases first slate of ‘trailblazer’ House endorsements

The Congressional Leadership Fund announced its first round of “trailblazer” candidate endorsements on Wednesday as the party seeks to expand its majority in the lower chamber in the 2024 election.

Considered the top Republican super PAC endorsed by House leaders such as Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), the group released the names of 20 House GOP candidates whose campaigns will receive “direct financial support” from its Trailblazers Fund.

Candidates receiving the endorsement are Nancy Dahlstrom of Alaska, Kevin Lincoln of California, Scott Baugh of California, Gabe Evans of Colorado, George Logan of Connecticut, Joe McGraw of Illinois, Randy Niemeyer of Indiana, Prasanth Reddy of Kansas, Austin Theriault of Maine, Tom Barrett of Michigan, Joe Teirab of Minnesota, Laurie Buckhout of North Carolina, Yvette Herrell of New Mexico, Alison Esposito of
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