Congress, learn the right lessons from the midterm elections

We should all be celebrating the results of the midterm elections. Voters turned out in near-record…

Self-driving cars could break through gridlock

Bipartisan cooperation in Congress more likely on auto tech than social media.

Telehealth expansion possible in divided Congress

Bipartisan support exists for making some COVID-era virtual services permanent.

Congress must investigate China’s ties to the US defense industry

At a press conference earlier this month, President Joe Biden raised eyebrows when he said, “Elon…

Congress must address America’s dependency on Chinese technology in defense bill

While China may have recently closed the military capability gap, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) has introduced…

House cybersecurity education funding bill draws bipartisan support

But the proposal may be difficult to pass in the upcoming lame-duck special session of Congress.

Two cybersecurity champions to exit Congress

Both say lawmakers have more to do in confronting emerging digital threats.

Big Tech saved by partisanship

Both major parties want to punish social platforms but can't agree on how.

White House backs Section 230 overhaul and algorithm rules in new tech proposal

The White House is calling for the removal of Section 230 liability protections for Big Tech…