Nebraska Electoral College vote a key brick in Biden’s needed blue wall

OMAHA, Nebraska — The road to President Joe Biden’s reelection bid runs through … deep-red Nebraska?

It may sound strange, considering the Midwestern state last backed a Democratic presidential candidate in 1964. And former President Donald Trump in 2020, losing the White House to Biden, still romped to victory in the Cornhusker State 59% to 39%.

Yet a confluence of Electoral College math oddities and Nebraska’s status as a rare state where the winner doesn’t necessarily take all in presidential elections means Biden has to win in a greater Omaha congressional district to avoid a first-ever Electoral College tie at 269-269.

That’s a plausible scenario if Biden does well but not spectacularly in winning key swing states. Specifically, if he wins Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, the vaunted “blue wall” trio that went Democratic six straight times from 1992 to
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