Progressive protesters celebrate significant votes against Biden in Tuesday primaries

Several progressive groups celebrated the successes of protest votes against President Joe Biden in several primaries on Tuesday night.

Thousands of Democratic voters cast their ballots for the “uninstructed” or “uncommitted” choices in Connecticut, Wisconsin, and Rhode Island. Wisconsin saw the highest protest count, with 48,000 voters participating. The voters were likely rejecting Biden over his response to the Israel-Hamas war.

“In Wisconsin alone, nearly 48,000 voters cast an unrestricted ballot in the Democratic presidential primary, far surpassing campaign goals and significantly exceeding President Biden’s margin of victory over Trump in the 2020 general election,” the progressive group Our Revolution said in a news release. “Similarly, in Rhode Island and Connecticut, 15% and 12% of Democratic primary voters marked their ballots as ‘uncommitted,’ further amplifying the call for a bold
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