Trump calls Moreno rival a Mitt Romney wannabe as Ohio Senate race turns ugly

VANDALIA, Ohio — Former President Donald Trump heaped insults onto an already bitter Republican primary for Ohio’s Senate seat as he stumped for entrepreneur Bernie Moreno, his endorsed candidate in the race, on Saturday.

In a 90-minute speech outside of Dayton, the former president labeled Matt Dolan, a wealthy state senator who has traded the lead with Moreno, as a RINO, or Republican in name only, and said his family’s decision to rename the Cleveland Guardians was disqualifying.

“He’s trying to become the next Mitt Romney, I think Mitt Romney is his hero,” Trump told the crowd.

“He’s easily pushed around by the woke-left lunatics who renamed his family’s baseball team,” he added, eventually polling the audience on which name the Guardians should go by. “My attitude is anybody that changes the name of the Cleveland Indians to the
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