Hamas considers newest Israel proposal for ceasefire

Hamas said it has received Israel‘s latest ceasefire proposal, and will study it before giving a reply.

In a statement, the group appeared more willing to contemplate the proposal than previous offers. The newest offer was Israel’s response to Hamas’s own offer and came hours after an Egyptian delegation concluded its visit to Israel, where it discussed plans for a prolonged ceasefire.

Palestinians flee from northern Gaza as Israeli tanks block the Salah al-Din road in the central Gaza Strip Friday, Nov. 24, 2023, as the four-day cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war begins as part of an agreement that Qatar helped broker. (AP Photo/Mohammed Dahman, File)

“Hamas has received today the official response of the Zionist occupation to the proposal presented to the Egyptian and the Qatari mediators on April 13,” Khalil Al-Hayya, said in
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