Biden and Trump pad delegate leads with caucus victories in two US territories

The Northern Mariana Islands and Guam held presidential caucuses this week in which the presumptive major party nominees prevailed once again.

Both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump won on Tuesday and Friday, respectively, in the Northern Mariana Islands with over 90% of votes, adding six and nine delegates, respectively, to their tallies, which crossed the thresholds necessary to clinch the nominations Tuesday. Trump also won Saturday in Guam, receiving 100% of the votes cast and the territory’s nine delegates. The Democratic caucuses in Guam are not until June 8.

Although both territories held presidential caucuses, neither will cast electoral votes during the general election. Washington, D.C., is the only jurisdiction that is not a state with any representation in the Electoral College.

The results did not come as a surprise, as both
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