Anna Paulina Luna introduces IVF legislation after leaving Democratic-led bill

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) introduced legislation on Thursday aimed at discouraging states from prohibiting in vitro fertilization a few weeks after she left a similar Democratic-led bill as a co-sponsor.

A spokesperson for Luna told the Washington Examiner that her bill would prohibit states from blocking women from receiving IVF treatment if a doctor has certified that the woman is experiencing medical hardship in conceiving a child.

“I have always supported the responsible use of IVF,” Luna said in a statement. “IVF is an amazing innovation of modern medicine that helps families have children who would otherwise be unable to do so.

“Children are the greatest blessing, and we should support families in their journey to having them, especially as we are seeing increasing rates of infertility and declining birth rates,” she continued. “IVF is Pro-Life, and has
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