NRCC blames Democrats for causing crime crisis through Biden’s ‘open border’ policies in new ad

EXCLUSIVE — National Republicans are launching their latest attack against Democrats over the Biden administration’s border policies, claiming the surge in illegal immigration at the southern border has caused a rise in crime nationwide. 

The National Republican Congressional Committee released a new ad on Tuesday, highlighting a number of high-profile crimes carried out by illegal immigrants in recent weeks. One of the most high-profile instances is the death of college student Laken Riley, who was killed near the University of Georgia last week. 

Jose Ibarra, an immigrant from Venezuela who was previously arrested in 2022 for illegally crossing the border, has been charged with her murder.  

The ad also hit out on the rising number of Chinese immigrants who have entered the country illegally over the last year, nearly reaching a record high. 

“When illegal migrants come to our country
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