Judge quashes Trump’s subpoena of Bragg’s ex-prosecutor

A judge on Friday shut down Donald Trump‘s attempt to subpoena Mark Pomerantz, a former special prosecutor in New York who went public with behind-the-scenes details about his attempts to bring charges against the former president.

Judge Juan Merchan criticized the subpoena, which sought Pomerantz’s communications with people who are now witnesses in Trump’s hush money trial, as well as other documents.

The subpoena requests “are far too broad and amount to an improper fishing expedition into general discovery,” Merchan wrote in a court order.

“There is no reasonable likelihood that the [subpoenaed documents] would uncover any information that is relevant and material to the proceedings,” Merchan wrote, pointing to a high volume of related documents Trump’s team had already received as part of the discovery process.

Trump’s attorneys issued the subpoena in March, and Manhattan District Attorney
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