Nikki Haley makes ‘40%’ case against Trump in Michigan days before primary

TROY, Michigan — Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley was adamant before Michigan Republicans that she is the GOP presidential candidate who can win the 2024 general election against President Joe Biden, despite former President Donald Trump‘s 20 percentage point win this weekend in South Carolina.

“You can’t have a candidate who’s going to win a primary who can’t win a general,” Haley told a crowd Sunday in Troy, Michigan, one day after she was soundly defeated in her home state.

“You look at those first early states. They can say Donald Trump won. I give him that. But he, as a Republican incumbent, didn’t get 40% of the vote of the primary,” she said. “So the issue at hand is he’s not going to get the 40% if he’s going and calling out my supporters and saying they’re barred permanently from MAGA.
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