Tlaib urges ‘uncommitted’ protest vote in Michigan over Biden Israel policy

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is urging Democrats not to vote for President Joe Biden in the Michigan presidential primary to protest his policies toward Israel and Gaza.

Tlaib, a 47-year-old lawmaker who has served in Congress since 2019, posted a video on social media Saturday where she urged residents of her district to vote “uncommitted” on their ballots during the Feb. 27 contest rather than giving their vote to Biden.

“It is important, as you all know, to not only march against the genocide, not only make sure we’re calling our members of Congress … it is also important to create a voting bloc, something that is a bullhorn to say enough is enough,” Tlaib said while standing in front of an early voting facility in Dearborn, the city with the highest per capita
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