Biden seemingly confuses Ukraine being in NATO in appeal to pass aid bill

President Joe Biden mistakenly referenced NATO in his plea to Congress to pass funding for Ukraine.

Biden was referring to the bill providing aid to Ukraine, which includes $8 billion in “direct budget support” for the Ukrainian government, $14 billion for weapon purchases, $15 billion for military services, plus $10 billion in humanitarian aid that will be shared between Ukraine and Gaza, among other war zones. Another $14.1 billion is outlined for Israel’s military operations, and $1.9 billion to Taiwan’s weapon stockpile.

Biden, on vacation in Delaware, calls on “Congress come home and pass the legislation funding NATO.”

Ukraine isn’t in NATO — neither are Israel and

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) February 18, 2024

“The idea that we’re going to walk away from Ukraine, the idea that we’re going to begin to let NATO split is totally against the interests of the United
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