Trump gains but can’t win majority of Jewish voters as Biden battles his party: Poll

The Democratic Party’s intraparty battle over policy toward Israel during its war against Hamas has been harmful but not catastrophic for President Joe Biden.

The American Jewish Committee’s 2024 Survey of American Jewish Opinion, conducted with 1,001 Jewish adults in the United States, shows that Biden’s polling figures in the presidential election are roughly the same as in exit polls from 2020.

The 2024 poll shows Biden leading former President Donald Trump among Jews, 61% to 23%, while in 2020, Biden won Jewish voters over Trump, 69% to 31%, according to AP VoteCast.

Trump has attempted to court Jewish voters over Biden’s handling of the war in Gaza, which has garnered criticism from supporters and opponents of Israel. But Trump’s attempts to capitalize on the dissatisfaction do not appear to be making significant
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