Bill removes mandated report to law enforcement of positive drug tests in newborns

(The Center Square) – The legislature is ready to send a bill to Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker that removes the mandate that the Department of Children and Family Services must report newborn babies’ positive toxicology screens to law enforcement.

Senate Bill 3136 passed the Illinois General Assembly and will, according to opponents, disincentivize drug addicts from getting clean because it removes punitive provisions that take away birth mothers’ parental rights upon a newborn baby’s toxicology screen coming back positive.

State Sen. Steve McClure, R-Springfield, said the bill will actually deter drug addicts from seeking treatment. Opponents say allowing drug addicted mothers, who give birth to babies whose toxicology screens come back positive, to maintain their parental rights is not only dangerous but subverts accountability.

“These are tools not to punish mom, but these are tools for the best interest of these children. This [punitive provision] is to help mom and motivate
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