Trumpworld accuses GOP challenger of using ‘Biden lawfare playbook’ against its endorsed candidate

Allies in former President Donald Trump’s close circle are sounding off against a Republican candidate in Wisconsin after Trump’s chosen contender was hit with a complaint accusing him of misleading voters in order to secure a spot on the ballot. 

Tony Wied, who is running to replace former Rep. Mike Gallagher in Wisconsin, faces a complaint that his campaign misrepresented his nomination papers while soliciting signatures from state voters. However, the complaint was submitted by Tony Theisen, who has also volunteered to collect signatures for Andre Jacque, one of Wied’s top Republican challengers for the seat, according to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“Career politicians will do anything to stay in power,” said a spokesperson for Wied’s campaign, referencing Jacque’s time serving in the state assembly and Senate. “Just like the Democrats
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