Triple 7 film goes inside special operations veterans’ skydiving feat ‘to forever honor those who gave everything’

Retired Navy SEAL Mike Sarraille woke up on Jan. 9, 2023, in Antarctica, ready to embark on the first of seven skydiving jumps that were deemed skydiving’s most elusive feat, the “Triple 7” — seven skydives on seven continents in seven days.

For Sarraille and his team of nine former United States and Canadian special operations service members, achieving such a feat would be their way of honoring their fallen brothers.

“When we say the words, especially with Memorial Day, ‘Never forget and to forever honor those who gave everything,’ never forget the example that these men and women set. And ‘forever honor,’ forever honor means living our lives to the fullest,” Sarraille said.

Retired Navy SEAL Mike Sarraille led the team of former special operations service members who achieved skydiving’s
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