NCAA agrees to pay student-athletes billions in historic landmark antitrust settlement

The financial landscape of collegiate athletics has changed dramatically in recent years. Athletes, who were once forbidden from receiving any kind of compensation, have reaped the financial benefits of the National Collegiate Athletics Association permitting NIL (name, image, and likeness) deals. 

College sports is evolving quickly, and the changes happening within it are especially true after multiple outlets reported on Thursday evening that the NCAA agreed to pay its athletes as part of a resolution to three lingering antitrust lawsuits. 

The NCAA’s Board of Governors and commissioners from the country’s five biggest conferences (collectively known as the Power Five) agreed to implement a revenue-sharing model of financial compensation that would effectively eliminate the amateur competition model that existed within the NCAA for decades. The restructuring is part of the settlement stemming from multiple antitrust lawsuits totaling around $2.8
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