Out of the mouth of babes

The problem with pregnancy movies is that they never feel quite right. Waters break like fire hoses, and within seconds, a 6-month-old-looking baby is presented neatly and cleanly on the mother’s chest. If you’re childless, it’s unrelatable and boring. If you’re a mother, it’s unrelatable and irritating because it’s nothing like what actually happens. If you’re a man, you probably didn’t pick the movie. 

That’s why, to do anything funny or poignant about pregnancy, you really have to surrender the dramatics. In Babes, Pamela Adlon’s (Californication, Louie) directorial debut about a pair of best friends discovering motherhood, both women slip into labor unknowingly, with more of a “light p***y drizzle” than a gush, and both women volunteer to check the size of the other’s dilation for reasons such as
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