WATCH LIVE: Three college presidents testify before Congress on campus antisemitism

Three leading university presidents are set to testify before the House Committee on Education and the Workforce at a hearing titled “Calling for Accountability: Stopping Antisemitic College Chaos.”

The presidents of Rutgers University and Northwestern University, as well as the chancellor of the University of California, Los Angeles, will be grilled by members of the committee about their response to the antisemitic conduct that has run rampant on their campuses.

A committee spokesperson explained to the Washington Examiner why these particular universities are being put under the microscope. “Northwestern, Rutgers, and UCLA have done nothing but appease the antisemitic agitators on their campuses. Northwestern and Rutgers leadership caved to antisemitic rulebreakers while UCLA administrators stood by as protesters in the antisemitic encampment assaulted Jewish students and blocked their access to campus,” he said.

Rutgers and Northwestern have made several Read more…

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