GOP senator blocking vote on RFK Stadium site in talks with Commanders on logo change

Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) and the Washington Commanders are in talks to establish their first meeting since the Montana Republican took his fight public to have the football team restore its old Redskins logo of a Native American chief.

Daines is blocking swift approval of a House-passed bill that would greenlight Washington, D.C., taking control of the federally owned land that is home to the abandoned RFK Stadium, which the Commanders and city officials want to use for a new stadium.

Daines is refusing to lift his hold unless the Commanders either revert to the old logo that the team used for nearly 50 years or take other action to honor the Montana family and tribe behind the logo’s inception.

“It’s all about restoring the honor and legacy of the logo, which is not a caricature,”
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