Trump trial: Don Jr. blasts ‘absolute farce’ against his father outside courthouse

NEW YORK — Donald Trump Jr. joined an entourage of his father’s supporters outside the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse on Tuesday, calling the former president’s hush money trial the “Bolshevik trials” and blasting the media.

“Well, guys, I had to come down and witness the Bolshevik trials for myself. What’s going on here is an absolute farce,” Trump Jr. said, referencing the Soviet-era show trials.

Tuesday was Trump Jr.’s first appearance at his father’s trial, which has lasted for five weeks and is on pace to end next week with closing arguments and jury deliberations. His attendance came on a momentous day, as Trump’s defense team had rested its case minutes prior to Trump Jr. speaking.

Donald Trump Jr. calls hush money trial a 'disastrous precedent"

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