Luna seeks to ban chemicals in cosmetics linked to infertility and other health problems

EXCLUSIVE — Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) is pushing for a federal ban on parabens, a synthetic chemical often used in cosmetics that has been linked to several health problems. 

Her new bill, named the “No Chemicals in Cosmetics Act,” would ban the chemical from being used in cosmetic products, citing its link to health concerns such as breast cancer, hormone disruption, and infertility. The bill would increase Food and Drug Administration regulation of cosmetic products, which Luna said have often faced “zero regulatory hurdles before hitting the market.”

“Not only that, infertility rates have risen to previously unseen levels. Much of this arguably has to do with the artificial chemicals in our personal care products and cosmetics,” Luna said in a statement. “If we can spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars annually to research cures to
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