During electric vehicle event, governor admits demand has waned

(The Center Square) – Gov. J.B. Pritzker, whose goal is to have one million electric vehicles on Illinois roads within six years, admits demand for EVs has tailed off.

Pritzker joined the Illinois Manufacturers Association and representatives from the EV industry Tuesday for the first ever “EV Showcase Day” at the governor’s mansion in Springfield. Pritzker said Illinois has maintained its status as a leader in EV manufacturing and battery production, but admits demand for EVs has decreased.

“People have complained about what has happened to the EV industry,” said Pritzker. “Eventually as industries grow, you come down from a couple of hundred percent growth to a hundred percent growth to fifty percent growth and then just a double digit growth, and that’s what we’re seeing I think in the United States.”

In Illinois, EV charging anxiety may still be an issue, especially in rural areas of the state. According to
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