Bringing the Noise

The quiet time in sports may already be coming to an end. No, not the quiet…

Breaking: The Chinese spyware app is Chinese spyware

In what may result in some shock for some people, it turns out the dancing app…

Congress must address America’s dependency on Chinese technology in defense bill

While China may have recently closed the military capability gap, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) has introduced…

House cybersecurity education funding bill draws bipartisan support

But the proposal may be difficult to pass in the upcoming lame-duck special session of Congress.

Midterm elections may shake loose FCC from its 2-2 tie

Biden nominee Gigi Sohn awaited Senate confirmation for more than a year.

The slow sea change of patent eligibility reform in the courts

Deciding what inventions are eligible for patent protection has bedeviled courts, lawmakers, and practitioners for nearly…

Liberals fear being treated like conservatives if Elon Musk controls Twitter

Twitter may undergo a face-lift soon, and the usual suspects are losing it. On Monday, Elon…

Apple accused by regulators of discriminating against employees seeking union

A federal agency has accused Apple of targeting workers who may have been discussing unionization.

American muscle goes electric

The Charger, Mustang, and Corvette are all getting battery-powered makeovers.

Business travel may never recover from the pandemic

The pandemic and the shift to video communication likely mean that business travel has been forever…