House Republicans mount challenge to Biden administration ‘crippling’ labor rule

EXCLUSIVE — A group of House Republicans are looking to rein in a recent rule passed by the Biden administration that would finalize labor standards for U.S. farmworkers, arguing the law would allow for a loophole violating private property rights. 

The group, led by Rep. Scott Franklin (R-FL), is seeking to claw back the Labor Department’s recently finalized unionization rule that would implement new protections for farmworkers that GOP lawmakers argue would increase costs for those in the agriculture industry. The bill would especially target a provision in the 600-page rule that would allow for legal and labor union activists to gain access to private farm and ranch properties. 

“This new DOL rule is the latest crippling regulation hoisted on Florida growers by the Biden Administration. If implemented, it will have disastrous effects on our ag industry,” said
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