Texas House Republican’s district office vandalized by ‘anti-Israel activists’

Rep. John Carter’s (R-TX) district office in Georgetown, Texas, was vandalized by “anti-Israel activists” on Monday morning, but the congressman said they were ultimately “unsuccessful” in intimidating him.

A spokesperson for Carter’s office said that around 8:30 a.m., staff arrived at the district office to find “a disturbing act of vandalism” after activists splattered red paint over the door. The words “Free Gaza” were written on the concrete leading up to the entrance, as well.

“Ironically enough, our staff was scheduled for a safety briefing with [U.S. Capitol Police], so they arrived shortly after staff,” the spokesperson said. “Local police were called, and a report was filed. There is an active investigation.”

The Georgetown Police Department said in a press release that Carter’s office estimated the cost of the damages to be around $2,000. The police classified the act as
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