Greg Lopez, caretaker Colorado GOP candidate, to bring ‘respect’ to Ken Buck’s seat

EXCLUSIVE — Former Parker, Colorado, Mayor Greg Lopez carries a Rorschach test in his pocket that shows both a young and old woman depending on the viewer’s perspective — a symbol of the way he plans to approach conversations with House members if elected to replace Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) in a special election this summer.

Sitting outside in a park behind the Longworth House Office Building, Lopez showed the Washington Examiner the picture, explaining that the analogy represents how he holds discussions with people on the “opposite side” of his position.

“It’s not that you’re wrong. It’s not that I’m wrong,” Lopez said. “Because we are looking at it from our worldview. Right? But let’s come together and recognize, ‘Let’s respect each other.’”

Greg Lopez mingles with the crowd in Hugo, Colorado, on Thursday, March 28, 2024, before
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