Not a winning strategy: Four times House GOP all-or-nothing politics has cost them

In the 118th Congress, House Republicans have been riddled with party infighting and chaos since being sworn into office earlier in 2023. 

After 15 different votes to elect former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, disagreements over sending aid to Ukraine during Russia’s war, and a failed bipartisan border bill, this Congress is set to be the most unproductive in decades. According to a recent poll, this Congress has the lowest approval rating since 2015, with just 12% of those polled approving of how Congress is handling its job. 

All-or-nothing politics have cost House Republicans, forcing them to give concessions to Democrats. 

Funding the government

Last year, some House Republicans voted to oust Speaker McCarthy, the first time in U.S. history a speaker has been ousted.

The move came after McCarthy relied on Democratic votes to avoid a partial government shutdown,
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