Biden administration allots $2 million to transform DEI in ‘least diverse STEM’ fields

The National Science Foundation, under President Joe Biden‘s administration, gave $2 million to help five universities bring DEI efforts into sectors of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The larger effort, receiving the lion’s share of the $2 million, is going toward Marine and Climate Sciences, which is described by the grant recipients as “some of the least diverse STEM disciplines” due to its “limited change in the number of black, indigenous, and people of color in MCS over the past 40 years.” As a result, the sector will be studied to see how it is promoting or inhibiting further diversity. Its objective will be “ensuring that our educational pathways yield an adequately educated and diverse corps of individuals.”

George Mason University received $1.2 million toward the study, Temple University got $400,000, the University of
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