Former Justice Breyer claims colleagues not ‘moved by the temperature of the day’

Former Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer offered his assurance that his former colleagues are not easily “moved” by public opinion.

Breyer appeared on This Week on Sunday to disagree with concerns that the high court has become politicized just as the country has. During his appearance, he quoted Constitutional law professor Paul Freund.

“No judge should or will be moved by the temperature of the day,” Breyer said, “but every judge will be aware of the climate of the season.”

Asked how political division has impacted the Supreme Court, retired Justice Stephen Breyer tells @JonKarl:⁰“Hard to say. It’s a different, it’s a very complex institution…I’ve not seen politics in the court. And I’ve been a judge for 40 years.”

— This Week (@ThisWeekABC) April 21, 2024

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