Semitruck slams into Texas DPS facility after driver denied commercial driving license

A stolen 18-wheeler truck crashed into a Texas Department of Public Safety building on Friday after the driver, who has since been arrested, was denied a commercial driving license. 

Multiple severe injuries have been reported, and at least six people have been hospitalized. The driver of the truck was initially hospitalized but has been turned over to the police.

BREAKING: At least 16 injured after stolen semi-truck crashes into Texas DPS office.

Of the more than a dozen people injured, DPS said three were flown to the hospital in critical condition.

The incident occurred at the DPS office in Brenham, Texas, about 70 miles northwest…

— Salt Flash (@SaltFlash) April 12, 2024

“I have been briefed and this incident was intentional and done by the suspect who was denied a CDL yesterday,” Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough said in a Facebook post. “He returned today
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