Candace Cameron Bure applauds Drake Bell’s bravery to ‘protect next generation’ of child stars

Actress Candace Cameron Bure commended fellow child star Drake Bell for being “so brave” in telling his story of sexual abuse.

Bure appeared on ABC’s The View and shared her reaction to the documentary Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV. She spoke about her experience as a child star, best known for playing DJ Tanner on the ’80s sitcom Full House.

“It absolutely tore me apart. It broke my heart and it was so tragic, it’s so — it’s horrific and disgusting,” Bure said of the documentary. “I was very — I don’t think proud is the right word. But I was — I just felt like the fact that Drake was able to share his story was so brave.”

In the documentary, Bell revealed himself to be the once-anonymous minor
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