Trump’s ‘attitude’ toward his rival’s supporters threatens his reelection bid, Karl Rove warns: ‘He’s wrong’

Former adviser to President George W. Bush Karl Rove warned Donald Trump that the former president’s attitude toward Nikki Haley’s supporters threatens his reelection bid this November. 

Rove claimed that with the electoral makeup of the 2024 election so close, Trump should not upset supporters of the former U.N. ambassador because their lack of support for him could benefit President Joe Biden instead. More than 76,000 voters chose Haley in Tuesday night’s Wisconsin primary, representing a significant percentage of voters still not sold on Trump.

“Mr. Trump’s attitude to his rivals’ supporters has gone from dismissiveness—’they always bend the knee’—to indifference, saying he doesn’t need ‘too many’ Haley supporters to win in November. He’s wrong,” Rove wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed on Wednesday.

Haley also won nearly 250,000 votes for the
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