Michigan Catholics blast Whitmer for lifting surrogacy ban

Michigan Catholics are strongly criticizing Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s (D-MI) decision to sign legislation that lifted the state’s ban on compensated surrogacy, saying the measure exploits vulnerable women and puts them at risk for human trafficking. 

Surrogacy refers to the act of a woman carrying and delivering a child for another family. The practice has garnered criticism from the head of the Catholic church, Pope Francis, who called the act “despicable” as he claimed it commercializes pregnancy. 

Michigan Catholic Conference President and CEO Paul Long said that every child is born with dignity and worth, but claimed surrogacy minimizes the dignity of motherhood and childbirth. 

“The change in Michigan law will allow for those with resources to obtain a child at the expense of women in financial need,” Long said in a statement. “For profit surrogacy contracts that pay females
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