Harmful ‘forever chemicals’ found in Band-Aids allowing direct blood contact

Bandages from brands such as Band-Aid and Curad have been found to contain dangerous levels of toxic “forever chemicals,” allowing direct contact with the bloodstream through open wounds, according to a new report.

Of the 40 bandages from 18 different brands tested by environmental health and consumer watchdog Mamavation and Environmental Health News, 26 had detectable levels of organic fluorine, an indicator of harmful “forever chemicals,” also known as PFAS.

“Because bandages are placed upon open wounds, it’s troubling to learn that they may be also exposing children and adults to PFAS,” Dr. Linda S. Birnbaum, who co-authored the study, said. “It’s obvious from the data that PFAS are not needed for wound care, so it’s important that the industry remove their presence to protect the public from PFAS and
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