Survivalists warn about H5N1 ‘bird flu’ spread: ‘Threat is real’

Countering a toned-down alert from the Centers for Disease Control over a new “bird flu” case, survivalists who have long seen the H5N1 virus as more threatening than COVID-19 this week stepped up their warnings about it.

“This is a real threat,” a national prepper and survivalist organization warned on its app.

“This is a warning to prepare for a potentially severe pandemic and collapse,” added the statement on the “Collapse Survivor App” recently featured in Secrets and produced by the founder of Fortitude Ranch, a chain of survivalist resort camps.

The administration on Monday reported in an alert that a Texas dairy worker was struck by the bird flu, which actually spreads in birds and mammals.

“This infection does not change the H5N1 bird flu human health risk assessment for the U.S.
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