Florida Democrats want Biden to stay away from abortion ballot measure

National Democrats are capitalizing on a Florida Supreme Court decision that puts abortion on the ballot, and the Biden campaign has recently declared Florida “winnable.” Florida Democrats, however, aren’t looking to politicize the measure. 

Florida Democrats worry that politicizing abortion will alienate state Republicans who may be in favor of more lenient abortion legislation. Meanwhile, following the court’s decision, the Biden campaign launched digital ads in the Sunshine State highlighting former President Donald Trump’s comments on overturning Roe v. Wade. 

“I would expect them to support the initiative, but letting locals lead on this is smart,” Florida Democratic state Rep. Anna Eskamani told Politico

“We are clear-eyed about how hard it will be to win Florida,” Biden’s campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez said. “But we also know Trump does not have it in the bag.”

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