Shakira rips Barbie movie for being ’emasculating’

Singer Shakira said her two boys, who are 11 and 9, absolutely “hated” the Barbie movie.

In a recent interview, Shakira was asked if she had seen the Barbie movie, and she responded after a long pause.

“My sons absolutely hated it,” she told Allure magazine in its April 2024 cover story. “They felt that it was emasculating. And I agree, to a certain extent. I’m raising two boys. I want ’em to feel powerful too [while] respecting women.”

The three-time Grammy winner continued, “I like pop culture when it attempts to empower women without robbing men of their possibility to be men, to also protect and provide.”

Shakira speaks to the media during her official Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran album release party and immersive experience red carpet event late Thursday, March 21, 2024. (AP
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