California Republicans question Democrats’ $1.5 billion ask for low-income healthcare despite massive budget deficit

California Republican lawmakers are questioning how Democrats will spend an approved $1.5 billion boost to fund Medi-Cal while the state grapples with a budget deficit anywhere from $38 billion to $73 billion, depending on who you ask. 

With Gov. Gavin Newsom‘s (D-CA) budget, the California Legislative Analyst’s Office reported that the state would spend about $36 billion on Medi-Cal during fiscal 2024, a decrease of about $1.4 billion from last year, according to the Sacramento Bee. Lawmakers approved a $1.5 billion boost to the managed care organization tax at the end of 2023, which still has to get the stamp of approval from the federal government. 

Republican state Sen. Brian Dahle questioned Democratic lawmakers during a March budget committee hearing on specific details of how the additional money would be
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