Thank nuclear submariners, not ‘nuclear disarmament consultants,’ for our avoidance of nuclear war

Emma Pike made social media waves on Friday via a nuclear weapons-related TikTok post for the New York Times opinion section. In her video, Pike explained why she’s optimistic as to why we won’t experience a global nuclear holocaust.

Identifying as a “nuclear disarmament consultant,” Pike offers the honorable intention of helping to prevent nuclear war. No problem there. The problem is Pike’s suggestion that activists are most responsible for advancing the common ambition of preventing a nuclear war. These activists, Pike said, “are campaigners, some are lawyers, others are diplomats, others are academics, scientists, medical doctors and activists.” Together, they have a “concrete plan” to end nuclear weapons. Pike suggests, for example, “Only nine countries have nuclear weapons which means that over 180 countries have chosen not to have them.”


While many countries have indeed
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