NYC Council makes new push for noncitizens to be able to vote with appeal

The New York City Council filed an appeal to the state’s highest court Monday, asking them to reinstate a law the council passed that granted noncitizens the right to vote in city elections. 

In 2021, the council passed a law that would have allowed 800,000 noncitizens with green cards or work authorizations the right to vote in municipal elections. However, last month, the Appellate Division for the Second Judicial Department ruled 3-1 that the law, which had yet to take effect, was unconstitutional. 

The council argued that because noncitizens pay taxes and “contribute to our communities,” they should be able to participate in local elections.

“Empowering New Yorkers to participate in our local democratic process can only strengthen New York City by increasing civic engagement,” the council said in a statement.   

The high court’s February
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