Why Uber won

Uber is a fact of urban life today. But not too long ago, summoning a cab through a smartphone app was a newfangled concept that threatened the status quo of tightly regulated, uncompetitive, unreliable, and often corrupt local cab sectors throughout the country.

Disrupting D.C.: The Rise of Uber and the Fall of the City; By Katie J. Wells, Kafui Attoh, and Declan Cullen; Princeton University Press; 224 pp., $27.95

In Disrupting D.C., Katie J. Wells, Kafui Attoh, and Declan Cullen take us back to that time — telling Uber’s story not as a triumph of technology over sclerosis but as a warning about what happens when governments offer poor services, provide inadequate welfare benefits, and lack the spine to enforce the law when a flashy
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