Stop watching the skies: The UFO craze has its downsides in a culture bereft of meaning

In this age of rampant divisiveness, distrust, and dissent, it should come as a relief when a diverse group of people agrees on something. But when the “something” that has been agreed upon is the existence of unidentified flying objects, or at least the possibility of their existence and their origin from outer space, it is hardly a cause for celebration. 

In the past few years, numerous sincere, articulate, and not-at-all-unhinged people have started speaking seriously about UFOs, the belief in which was once confined to crackpots, sci-fi fans, hippies, readers of popular “nonfiction,” and other assorted outcasts on the American scene. Their faith in flying saucers was harmless but not on the national agenda. Nonetheless, about four years ago, Joe Rogan devoted two-plus hours of his hugely influential podcast to an interview with one
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