House GOP revolts against speaker over government spending bill: ‘Johnson blew it’

House Republicans are decrying the final government spending legislation up for a vote Friday, accusing House Speaker Mike Johnson of failing to secure key GOP wins in a 1,012-page bill that was largely negotiated behind closed doors without lawmaker input.

The $1.2 trillion minibus legislation has been touted as a win by both Republican and Democratic leaders. But some hard-line Republicans are criticizing the legislation as a “failure of leadership” from Johnson, claiming the party was not able to secure as many policy wins as they should have with their House majority. 

“It’s total lack of backbone, total lack of leadership, and a total failure by Republican leadership. There’s no other way to describe it,” Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) said on Steve Bannon’s War Room on Thursday. “This bill is an abomination.”

Republican leaders have lauded the bill as securing key provisions
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