High school students skeptical of college degree value: Study

A growing number of high school students and nonenrolled adults are finding college degrees less valuable, a new study found.

While majorities in both groups see value in two- and four-year universities, those educational options rank in the “middle of the pack” compared to alternatives such as on-the-job training, licenses, and certificates, according to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-commissioned study published last week.

“The message students received during the pandemic was clear: Education is not important. Higher education institutions have further devalued themselves by inflating grades, eliminating merit, and focusing on DEI initiatives,” Alex Nester, investigative fellow for education advocacy group Parents Defending Education, told the Washington Examiner. “High schoolers and families are waking up and realizing that, in some cases, a degree is not worth tens of thousands of dollars of debt.”

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