White House Report Card: Biden reelection stuck in neutral, approval at ‘fail’

This week’s White House Report Card shows President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign marching in place, his approval rating stalled at “fail” while inflation festers, the border stuck open to a stream of illegal migrants, and the humanitarian crisis in Haiti unaddressed.

It should have been an eventful week for Biden, mostly because he unveiled his budget. But the $7.3 trillion package was more of the same only with added spending and taxes.

At home, House leaders moved closer to holding impeachment hearings over alleged Biden family corruption. Overseas, Biden’s fight with Israel grew while his administration did little to help Americans out of gang-savaged Haiti.

Do you think things in this country are better today with Biden as president or were better back when Trump was president?

Trump 48% (+9)
Biden 39%

Trump 47% (+22)
Biden 25%

Yahoo/YouGov, 992 RV, D33/R28, 3/8-11
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