‘Squad’ up: AOC and company get new backers as challengers line up to oust them

Several “Squad” Democrats are expected to get help from a coalition of hard-left groups that are vowing to combat any efforts from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee to campaign against progressive-left Democrats.

The coalition, called Reject AIPAC, calls on candidates to take its pledge not to take any contributions or endorsements from the AIPAC or any of its related political action groups.

The 22 groups listed on the coalition’s website claim they will “organize Democratic voters and elected officials to reject the destructive influence of the Republican megadonor-backed AIPAC on the Democratic primary process and our government’s policy towards Palestine and Israel.”

The hard-left groups in the coalition include Justice Democrats, the Sunrise Movement, the Democratic Socialists of America, and the Working Families Party, among others.

The pledge the coalition brandishes accuses AIPAC of
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