Scientists discover deadly new risk linked to neti pots

The use of neti pots has been controversial for years, but on Wednesday, scientists determined that a second danger threatens this practice of nasal rinsing.

In a new report, acanthamoeba infections have been linked to nasal rinsing devices such as neti pots by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“We published this study because we want people to be aware of this risk,” the CDC’s Julia Haston said.

Further, warnings in the report have been reiterated against flushing nasal passages with common tap water, causing potentially fatal consequences.

A neti pot is a popular practice for nasal rinsing. Resembling a miniature teapot with an extended spout, it is usually made of ceramic or plastic. Practitioners will fill it with a saline rinse that is poured into one nostril and exits from the other, allegedly
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