Fight for Ukraine aid complicated by dueling petitions to force vote in House

House lawmakers are circulating two separate discharge petitions to bring some sort of Ukraine aid bill to the floor, setting the stage for a drawn-out fight as Congress pushes to provide increased funding to the wartorn country. 

House Rules Committee ranking member Jim McGovern (D-MA) activated a discharge petition on Tuesday morning as a mechanism to advance the Senate supplemental bill providing Ukraine and Israel aid in exchange for stricter security measures at the southern border. The discharge petition would allow lawmakers to consider the bill without needing GOP leadership to schedule a vote, something Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has said he wouldn’t do. 

“Ukraine is out of time. I mean, they are literally out of time,” McGovern said. “So, you know, we hope that this increases the pressure on the speaker.”

For a discharge petition to be successful, it must
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